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Family Law

Family Law Attorneys

The family law attorneys at Laing, Weicholz, Schley have over 50 years of combined legal experience and can help you support your specific needs and handle your particular case with the expertise and dedication it deserves.

Family Law Matters We Handle at Laing, Weicholz, Schley

Our knowledgeable and results-driven family law attorneys in Boca Raton provide top-notch legal advice to ensure that our clients are fully aware of all their options. We offer high-quality representation for a wide range of family matters, including:

Contact our family law attorneys at Laing, Weicholz, Schley to help you with these and other family law matters pertaining to your divorce, child support, alimony, time-sharing, visitation, parenting plan, property distribution, and others.

Why Choose the Family Law Attorneys at Laing, Weicholz, Schley

With over five decades of combined legal experience, our attorneys at Laing, Weicholz, Schley are committed to representing clients’ best interests and fighting for their rights in all aspects of family law.

If you choose our attorneys, we can provide you with all of the following:

  1. Legal advice. You need to understand all of your options in your specific family law matter. That is why our team of dedicated and skilled attorneys will review your particular situation to provide you with legal advice.

  2. Personalized attention. Our attorneys will give your case the personalized attention it deserves. We will dedicate our time and resources to your family law case to make sure that you receive highly personalized attention and individualized response. You will never get lost in the shuffle.

  3. Detailed strategy. At Laing, Weicholz, Schley our goal is to develop winning strategies for clients centered on achieving their goals.

Do not hesitate to schedule a case review with our Boca Raton family law attorneys by calling 561-416-1818.